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Triumphant Return

2010-02-16 04:55:16 by Darkness-Platinum

I know you don't care about me...

I'm lonely.


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2010-02-17 02:54:47

Happy 777 postcount!!! Reminds me of Danzig!!

Comes the light
Comes the flame
Comes the child who is

Come the sword
Come the flame
Come the end of bliss's reign

Come the dawn
Come the day
Wake the softest soul up

Come the fire
Come the change
Lick the rose of Venus' shame

Come the night
Come the death
Down the path out of

Seven is my name
Seven come
And seven go
And seven
Still remain

Seven is my name
Seven on the grandest scale
And seven
Still remain

And the light
And the flame
Take the path on
And the night
And the day
Fall upon the knees of

And the child
In the flames
Casted out of eden